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Migrate the database to a LevelDB2 database.


As of v21.5.0, new Teku installations use a LevelDB2 database. Previous Teku versions use RocksDB which continue to be supported.


Before running the database migration, you must shut down the local Teku instance and confirm the process has fully exited and won't be restarted.


teku migrate-database --config-file=<FILE>

Path to the YAML configuration file. The default is none.

data-base-path, data-path

teku migrate-database --data-base-path=<PATH>

Path to the Teku data directory. The default directory is OS-dependent:

  • macOS: ~/Library/teku
  • Unix/Linux: $XDG_DATA_HOME/teku if $XDG_DATA_HOME is set; otherwise ~/.local/share/teku
  • Windows: %localappdata%\teku

The default Docker image location is /root/.local/share/teku.


teku migrate-database --data-beacon-path=<PATH>

Path to the beacon node data. The default is <data-base-path>/beacon where <data-base-path> is specified using --data-base-path.


teku migrate-database --network=<NETWORK>

Predefined network configuration. Accepts a predefined network name, or file path or URL to a YAML configuration file. See the consensus specification for examples.

The default is mainnet.

Possible values are:

mainnetConsensus layerProductionMain network
minimalConsensus layerTestUsed for local testing and development networks
gnosisConsensus layerProductionNetwork for the Gnosis chain
holeskyConsensus layerTestMulti-client testnet
sepoliaConsensus layerTestMulti-client testnet
chiadoConsensus layerTestGnosis testnet
luksoConsensus layerProductionNetwork for the Lukso chain