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Install binary distribution

Linux / Unix / macOS / Windows



Teku requires Java 17+ to compile; earlier versions are not supported.

Install from packaged binaries

Download the Teku packaged binaries.

Unpack the downloaded files and change into the teku-<release> directory.

Display Teku command line help to confirm installation:

./bin/teku --help

macOS with Homebrew



Teku requires Java 17+ to run. Earlier versions are not supported. You can install Java using brew install temurin. Alternatively, you can manually install the Java JDK.

Install (or upgrade) using Homebrew

To install Teku using Homebrew:

brew tap ConsenSys/teku
brew install ConsenSys/teku/teku

To upgrade Teku using Homebrew:

brew upgrade ConsenSys/teku/teku

To display the Teku version and confirm installation:

teku --version