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Build from source


If you want to use the latest development version of Teku or a specific commit, build from source. Otherwise, use the binary or Docker image for more stable versions.



Teku requires Java 17+; earlier versions are not supported.

Installation on Linux / Unix / MacOS X

Clone the Teku repository

Clone the Consensys/teku repository:

git clone

Build Teku

After cloning, go to the teku directory.

Build Teku with the Gradle wrapper gradlew, as follows:

./gradlew distTar installDist

The command produces an expanded distribution, ready to run in build/install/teku, and a .tar distribution in build/distribution.

Go to the teku directory:

cd build/install/teku

Display the Teku help to confirm installation:

bin/teku --help

To view the list of available Gradle tasks, run ./gradlew tasks

Continue with Starting Teku.